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How you could donate to Maa Durga  Temple ?
Maa Durga Temple of  is the fully blessed by Lord Shiva and Sri Maa Durga to lead this historical venture. Building of the temple is Not Complete The management & members try very hard to make a complete temple they need Donor to contribute Cash & material for temple as you know  Building a temple or running a temple is not an easy task. Being a mysterious Lord, so much pain is involved. Support this noble and Historical cause in lot of ways to get the fullest blessings of Lord Shiva and Sri MAA Durga.

Sustaining Donor
Please donate a 10/- a day (300 a month)  The same could be donated every month through your credit card/ debit card or check or by cash.

Penny Drive
Donate all your pennies every week or every month to any of the Devathas in the Temple.

Material Donor
 Please donate for any of the Material in the temple for their Progress .

First Check of the month program
It is a very wonderful experience in your life. Write your 1st check every month to the Maa Durga Temple we could simply debit your Credit card on 1st of Every Month. Let your income and assets shall grow by this donation

God Partner program
Have any of our Deities as your partner in your business, and donate certain percentage of your profit to the concerned Temple to make your business still prosperous. Please talk to our Pundits more about this wonderful donation. The donors usually get lot of MANTRA THANTRA SUPPORT from the temple for this donation on an ongoing basis for their business.

Weekly pooja for your business in your business premises
This donation will get a pundit every week to your business place on a particular day and time to initiate holy spiritual powers in your premises to make your business or services prosper very well. Only limited numbers of Donors are accepted for this donation. Please talk to the Pundits to initiate this donation.

Flower Donation
You can donate fresh flowers to the Temple on occasions like your Wedding Anniversary, Birthday of self or Children or any other members of the family or special occasions or any kinds of Ceremony.  Maa Durga Temple is spending lot on flowers every day. Sponsor flowers for the week on your special occasion and support the temple.

General Donation
Now there is a welcome opportunity for all to support our Maa Durga Temple  in a grand manner. You could be the General donor to the temple; by the way you could get the fullest blessings of all the Devathas. Please donate generously to the temple.
At the end of the year, you will receive a Statement from the Temple stating donated amount.

Note: -  Temple Need A Donor For Material ( cement, Iron ,cash for labor)  for Base Head of the temple   Kindly Help us 

Contact  For Donations

Pt. Kushi Ram Shatri  = 9896537592 , 9416174172
Mr Prem Bedi ( Chairman ) = 9255533804 
Mr Vimal Rai  ( Pardhan)  = 8930000826
Mr Parveen bhardwaj    = 9671224000
Mr Satnam (Cashier) =  9896909597
Mr lovely  (Member)      =  9813063568
Mr Naresh (Member) = 7206293811
Mr Rakesh (Member) = 9991555567

Oriental Bank Of Commerce (Sector- 12)

Address: SCO-23-24, Sector 12 Karnal – 132001

A/c No = 11761011000989

Address -- Shri MAA Durga Mandir , Durga colony  Behind Sector 6 Karnal

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